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First Take Is on a Boat, Which Makes About as Much Sense as Anything in This Show

What's next, a helicopter?

Let’s just start by saying First Take on a boat isn’t even the weirdest thing that has happened on First Take. No one has ever accused Stephen A. Smith or his producers of playing it safe. But still, the visual of Smith, returning to the show after taking time off due to shoulder surgery, Molly Qerim and Michael Irvin trying to have a conversation about football while on a boat is a lot to take in.

Of course, the sound isn’t good, Qerim is seasick – to the point where she even says it! No pretending – and everyone’s trying really hard to make sure paperwork doesn’t just fly off. It’s a mess because the boat is actually moving. It’s not just a photo op with them on the boat, no. As we said before, First Take doesn’t half-ass things. Just look at Stephen A. Smith's suit. If they say they’re cruising down the Hudson River, that’s exactly what they’re doing.

What’s next? A helicopter? Skydiving? Either way, it’s not like people tune in to First Take just for the sports commentary, so its likely fans would be in for whatever this crew wants to try. But they’d truly be better off keeping the controversy to their opinions. That’s how First Take became popular in the first place. They’re more likely to go viral for a take everyone disagrees with than they are for their location.

In other words, let Milly Qerim stay on land and let First Take go back to why people loved and hated it in equal measure in the first place, hot takes. We’re begging here.