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Field of Dreams: Ranking the Movie's Best Quotes

Picking the best lines from the most quotable movie is nearly impossible. That's a hard emphasis on nearly.

Field of Dreams is one of those movies. You know, the ones you quote over and over. The ones you carry with you. The ones you don’t forget. And with MLB staging the second Field of Dreams game this week, between the Cubs and the Reds, there’s no better time than this one to look back at the movie’s best quotes.

What worked for Kevin Costner and Ray Liotta back then, can certainly still work for us now.

“If you build it, he will come” - Joe Jackson

Any ranking of the film’s best quotes has to put this one at the top. It’s just the way it is. This quote basically encapsulates the movie and the sentiment behind it. It has become a mantra for so many things since Field of Dreams, with the he replaced with they, but in the context of the movie, and baseball, it is about the love for the game and the people who made it what it is today.

Yes, the fields have been built. And people have come. And the game of baseball, well, it is about the players, but it is also about more than that. That’s what Field of Dreams encapsulates.

“Any game becomes important when you know and love the players.” – Joe Jackson

This one gets right down to the notion of what makes the game so special. I watched all Braves games televised for years and years as a kid, and for a long stretch of that time, the team wasn’t even good. Then, they only won one World Series while having arguably a great team. But none of that mattered. And whether I was watching the third game of the season, the fiftieth, or the last one didn’t matter either.

Every game was important because I knew and loved the players.

“Hey ump, how ’bout a warning?” – Archie Graham

“Sure, kid. Watch out you don’t get killed.” – Umpire

This one’s just funny, but it’s also funny in that fans-of-baseball-will-get-it kinda way. There are a lot of deep quotes in the movie, but the balance is what makes it work, and part of that balance is remembering that baseball is still just a game, one that must be enjoyed.

Even if you have to get out of the way sometimes.

“We just don’t recognize life’s most significant moments while they’re happening. Back then I thought, 'Well, there’ll be other days.' I didn’t realize that that was the only day.” – Archie Graham

Yes, this movie is actually very deep, and this quote is one of my favorite reminders that life is short, and we should try to enjoy every moment, every game. We never know when it’ll be the last one we’ll get. And hey, perhaps if we can approach sports and life in this way, we’ll develop a greater appreciation for what we’ve got and what we are able to experience.

MLB’s Field of Dreams game will be played Thursday at 7:15ET in Dyersville, Iowa, where the movie was filmed.