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Feliz Dia de las Madres to The Best Moms In the World

Celebrate Dia de las Madres by remembering the warmest, strongest and most wonderful people in the world: moms.

Mexican (and Mexican-Americans) value their relationships with their mothers. The veneration we have for our mothers cannot be understated. Mexican "Queen of the radio," Maxine Woodside, nailed this quote. 

“For us Mexicans, first, there is the Virgin of Guadalupe, and, second, there is our mother.”

Mother's Day

Could not have said that any better myself. Mexican (El Salvador, Guatemala as well. We don't want to forget our sister countries with as much a rich heritage and culture as anywhere else) Mother's Day differs slightly from the one here in America. Mother's Day here in the states always takes place on the second Sunday of May, whereas in Mexico it is always on May 10th. 

In other ways, Mother's Day is celebrated very similarly and you're encouraged to get flowers and celebrate La Reina De La Casa (the Queen of the House) on this day. If your mother is Mexican, though, I hope you are getting up very early if you're going to beat your mother to the kitchen to make her some coffee. If you wake up and hear "Los Bukis," it's too late—she's already cleaning and you've got some fun guilt to conquer! Just kidding.

I want to have fun with this, and share some of the things I found other people saying who clearly grew up with Mexican moms.

Doesn't matter the temperature. If you're sick or not feeling great, a good caldo de pollo is a surefire pick me up. 

Absolutely co-signed.

And how about the truthisms you get while growing up in a Latino family?

I can't lie. I still have vapor rub on the nightstand. It's pronounced "vapoo-roo," by the way. 


It's a blessing to be able to wish my own mother Happy Mother's Day twice in one week. 

I grew up in a Mexican family, but obviously here in the states, so I always got the best of both worlds. I was raised with a lot of Mexican traditions that I still keep to this day that are a part of me. I learned how to cook from my mother (although I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my dad is no slouch in the kitchen) and I even still manage to accidentally make my salsas too spicy like my mother. 

My mother eschewed some of the traditional Latin-American parts of parenting that we now see as toxic. My mother was kind and smart enough to do this. When I wanted to get into music, theater, any particular hobby that wasn't my education—my mother was nothing but supportive in every conceivable way. We live across the country and my mother is still never more than a few words away. I have never woken up a day in my life and not known my mother's love. Forget death and taxes, my mother's love has always been a certainty. Speaking from the hearts of anyone with a Mexican, Salvadoran, and Guatemalan mother—we love you dearly. 

Gracias por estar allí, por cuidarme, por ser mi mamá. ¡Feliz día de las madres!