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Disney dropped an unquestionably large amount of goodwill on the Internet Thursday when it revealed a trailer for the upcoming animated feature Encanto.

Sure, it’s a trailer that in the span of a couple of minutes spells out the wonder of this Colombian-based tale featuring magic and music. But it’s also a cure for whatever’s ailing you.

The scant amount of information we have on the movie is promising. First, it features music by the one Lin-Manuel Miranda. You know, the guy behind In the Heights, Hamilton, and Moana. He will again provide the audio tone and temp for this summer joint.

Stephanie Beatriz (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, In the Heights) stars as Mirabel Madrigal, a girl who is the only person in her town to be without the gift of magic.

The assumption being that she either finds this gift or realizes a lack of gift doesn’t define her, or, maybe, her gift of magic is something altogether new to this world. Either way, there will be laughs and probably some tears.

Judging by the trailer, there will also be a ton of music. All of which will make its way into heavy rotation on your next family road trip.

Thank you, Miranda. The wife and I were already growing tired of Up and Moana soundtracks being on constant repeat.