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Brandon Perea is All Of Us At Finding Out He Was Cast on Nope

We would have freaked out too.

For an unknown actor like Brandon Perea getting cast in a movie like Nope is a big deal. It’s an even bigger deal when you’re talking to Jordan Peele himself, and he’s telling you not just that you’re his guy, but that the callback you’re doing …doesn’t matter. You already got the part.

If it feels like one of those dream scenarios, it’s because it is. But it's also exactly what happened to the actor. Fans got to see it all in a video shared by Peele himself as he presented Perea with the rising star award for Film at the Criticis Choice Association’s Celebration of Latino Cinema & Television.

The video, which can be seen below with captions, sees Peele inform Perea that his version of the character is really good, but that it would necessitate a change in the script, to which Perea nods, seemingly believing that’s the end of the line. Jordan Peele isn’t going to rework his entire script just for him.

Except, that’s exactly what Peele tells Perea he’s going to do, and then proceeds to inform him the role is his. The reaction from Perea is to be expected. We’d probably be half disbelief half joy if we got offered a part in a Jordan Peele movie. And that’s without going into how interesting his character actually ended up being.

One thing is certain, Peele was right to cast Perea, and right to change the script to give him a bigger role. Nope is a better movie for it.