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Beverly Hills Cop 4? Ranking Eddie Murphy's Best Films

We're getting another Beverly Hills Cop movie? Let's go!

I have been known, on occasion, to lament the number of remakes, reboots, and sequels coming out of Hollywood these days. File "Beverly Hills Cop 4" under a grand exception. That's right, it official. A Beverly Hills Cop 4 movie is officially underway.

You can follow all the information from there, but I am excited about this. It got me thinking. What are the best Eddie Murphy films? I decided to make a list. Let's do it. I am limiting it to five.

48 Hrs.

We're talking about the movie that literally invented the "buddy cop" genre. This was Murphy's movie debut and he was nominated for a Golden Globe Award. It should be arguably higher on the list for its impact—but Murphy has some other classics that I feel belong higher up the list. Nick Nolte and Murphy have terrific chemistry in this movie and it's a ton of fun. As with many movies that are now 40 years old, some of this one may not have as aged well, but we can give a little leeway sometimes. As is with a lot of these clips, this is NSFW.


This is sure to rile up some people. Shrek belongs on this list and I could argue it belongs higher. Shrek (and part two which is equally as good) would not work without the stylings of Eddie Murphy. Dreamworks’ anti-Disney blockbuster showcases that Murphy could work well in a kids' film as if he hadn't done that already in other ones that just barely are not going to make the list. Shrek is terrific fun and every scene with Donkey stands out. The scene when we're introduced to his character immediately makes us love him.

Beverly Hills Cop

This movie is why we're here! The reason this film was made was due largely in part to the success of "48 Hrs." It is a comedy film that happens to have action. This is one of the first films to really play that note as hard, and later we would have classics do the same with movies like "Rush Hour." Murphy's "Axel Foley" is charismatic, hilarious, and fun to watch. Murphy's talent lends itself so well that we also take him seriously in the action role. Anybody who can toss Mike Ehrmantraut like that should be taken seriously.

Trading Places

This movie is still good, still funny, and perhaps more poignant than ever. Eddie Murphy is top billing, but Dan Akroyd also supports a star-studded cast in this wacky comedy. Murphy steals the film as Billy Ray Valentine. He is a penniless street hustler who essentially gets reeled into a social experiment by the two grumpy guys from the Muppets. Just kidding. Those two men are played by Don Ameche and Ralph Bellamy. They deserve respect on their names.

Coming To America

This is Eddie Murphy's best film. Argue with a wall. From the beginning to the very end this movie is as quotable as "Anchorman" with a better story and better characters. It is one of the best comedy films ever made and the star-studded cast makes every scene perfect. Every person who has seen this film can quote it. From the "soul glow" jingle to the one-liners. It is Murphy at his finest. It is also Murphy's best film in terms of playing multiple characters. I am putting two clips. One where Murphy plays multiple characters is one of the funniest scenes in the movie, and the other is just the part of the movie where I always laugh the loudest.

Final Thoughts

There are some good movies that did not make the cut. "Dr. Doolittle" is underrated and "The Nutty Professor" was hilarious (although aged poorly) when it first came out. "Bowfinger" and "Dreamgirls" are also good ones that did not make the cut for various reasons.

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