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Ben Affleck Has Mad Spanish Game

Bat-Fleck gets comfortable in Spanish.

Did you know Ben Affleck can speak Spanish? I have known for a long time. A few hours is a long time, right? Anyway. Check out this clip.

Speaking the words is great but can this man really "throw down?" As Spanish speakers know, so much of the language is the rhythm and the dance of it.

Wow. He sounds like he's had a few chelas at the Carne Asada in my Tio's backyard. In another life, I once took theater classes that included IPA, or international phonetic alphabet. Long story hopefully shorter, I learned that so much of learning an accent, dialect, or language is not just about pronouncing the words correctly and properly using the grammar. You can fake your way in a language if you speak in the same rhythm as the people around you; if you are confident. Affleck's Spanish in these two clips does not sound newly learned. It sounds integrated into his persona. He even gets very emotive the way we often do when speaking Spanish. Shortening "Hermano" to "mano" is a truly "I know this stuff" kind of move.


I grew up with Spanish. I forgot a lot of it as I got older, but I have been trying to get it back to a better place for a few years. I know that it can be an overwhelming or embarrassing experience, to speak Spanish (or any language) in front of seasoned speakers. You have to appreciate Affleck's effort and fearlessness.

Maybe next time Affleck will be in a movie where he speaks mostly Spanish? That would be bien chido.