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Canceling 'Batgirl' Raises a Lot Of Questions

Make it make sense, please.

Warner Bros has scrapped Leslie Grace’s "Batgirl" movie, but Ezra Miller’s "The Flash" still has a release date, proving there’s no justice in the world of entertainment. Or, perhaps, in the world of business.

The decision to scrap the already filmed Batgirl comes in the midst of a “change of direction” at Warner Bros, one that coincides with new leadership. They no longer want to focus on made-for-HBO-Max content, so it’s better for them to take a tax cut and never release a movie with a $90 million dollar budget. Cost-saving measure, they say. The movie isn’t that great, has also been floated around. Fixing it would be too expensive. And those all sound like solid business moves, except, well, they’re impossible to believe from the studio that is still willing to release The Flash in the midst of scandal after scandal for star Ezra Miller.

Miller’s issues aren’t simple, or easy to sum up. He’s been arrested multiple times for assault and has been accused of kidnapping, among other things. He’s also been MIA and at this point, the idea of him headlining a press tour seems improbable, at best. But despite this, the movie is still set for a 2023 release. "Batgirl," meanwhile, had already finished filming and was set to not just star "In The Heights’s" breakout star Grace, but Brendan Fraser and Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne, names that would have made it an easy movie to promote. In fact, the stars had already given interviews talking about the upcoming flick. 

As for the question of quality, let us all remember Sony gave Morbius a theatrical release not once, but twice. It’s highly unlikely Batgirl could somehow be worse than that. Plus, Warner Bros. released not just one, but two versions of "Justice League," so the idea that "Batgirl" doesn’t “go with the current plans” or would somehow “confuse fans” is laughable. If the studio really thought there was a market for Snyder’s four-hour cut of "Justice League," then the fact that they believe there’s more to win from writing off "Batgirl" than actually releasing it, at least on HBO Max, says a lot.

Not good things, either. Batgirl was set to be only the third female-led DC movie, and the first one featuring an Afro-Latina as the lead. Ironically, the other two movies the studio had planned for HBO Max and now seem to be in flux are the "Black Canary" movie – another WOC-led film – and "Blue Beetle," which features DC’s first Latino superhero. Even if it’s not on purpose and these are really just business decisions, someone should have thought long and hard about the optics and then, at least tried to anticipate the fallout.

But hey, somewhere at Warner Bros., there’s surely someone thinking that the solution to this Batgirl mess of their own creation is to make another Batman movie. Perhaps another Superman one? Now, that’s surely something people want to see, isn’t it?