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Bad Bunny Is Out for Revenge in 'Bullet Train' Trailer

Bad Bunny takes on Brad Pitt in an action-packed trailer that us hyped for upcoming blockbuster “Bullet Train.”

“Bullet Train” is a vibe. According to the far-too-brief trailer that just dropped, the movie promises to be funny, engaging, and the perfect excuse to stuff your gaping maw with popcorn as Brad Pitt takes on one assassin after another.

The premise reads like a video game you wouldn’t dare put down. Pitt’s character, Ladybug, is onboard a swift-moving train embarking upon the Japanese countryside.

Inside, he deals with one conflict after another, including one Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, played by Bad Bunny.

Clearly Pitt’s character did something to get on Bad Bunny's grumpy side. But you will have to wait until July 15 to see exactly what that may have been.

The movie drops exclusively to theaters, which is pretty much how a movie of this magnitude should be enjoyed.

With Sandra Bullock, playing Maria Beetle, and director David Leitch, “Deadpool 2,” also on board, this promises to be one of the more entertaining films to hit this summer.

The movie is based on the novel “Maria Beetle,” by Kōtarō Isaka. He spoke with Crime Fiction Lover last year on his book and its translated version that hit the states.

“Many characters in my novels, including Bullet Train, tend to be a bit strange, as if they’re floating a few centimetres above reality,” he said. “This is probably because, in fiction, I personally want to meet mysterious people that I wouldn’t meet in real life.”

Judging by the trailer, the movie aims to also present bigger-than-life characters as well. Many of which, we presume, don’t make the entire trip unscathed.