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Artist S. Preston Reveals The Secret to His Success

The En Fuego Podcast: Minimalist art makes way for waves of nostalgia thanks to sports artist S. Preston.

A quick chat with S. Preston and you feel like you’ve known him for years. His art is just as accessible, just as doused in familiarity.

You only need to glance at his portfolio to recognize a world of sports stadiums and famed logos. A lifetime of doodling led him to take a career leap into working full-time as an artist.

Preston caught lightning and immediately had MLB’s blessing and license to create minimalist graphic designs that have quickly become fan favorites.

The artist sits down with us to discuss his journey to this point in his career and the power of listening to your heart and following your passions.


“I picked up hockey a little later in life,” Preston tells En Fuego. He goes on to explain that sports have played a huge role in his life.

“I played basketball until everyone grew taller than me. I played volleyball until everyone grew taller than me. I ran track until everyone was faster than me. But I loved all those sports.”

And he continued to love sketching and graphic design, the latter becoming his career. A few doodles of MLB stadiums whittled down to their minimalist essence sparked an idea. Perhaps he could do exactly what he wanted creatively and do it full-time.

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Thus was born a career that now includes designs of MLB stadium, NHL logos, pop culture mascots and more.

It’s a story that resonates all the more powerfully as we all pore over our own forgotten passions this year.


“We as adults don't learn new things often,” he said. “School forces us to learn things. College forces us to learn things, coaches force us to learn. But when we get to be an adult, you really have to push yourself to learn new skill sets and do things that you really love.”

Preston has done just that. He dove into amateur hockey at a late age. Jumped into his own artistic journey near 40. And he continues to find things that test and inspire.

There is a drive there that’s undeniable. Our conversation is eye-opening for the simple fact that Preston hasn’t let anything step in the way of his dreams. It seems audacious but it’s really quite simple.

The secret to his success is targeting his goal and never giving up. It’s led to quite the career and an awesome portfolio of minimalist delight.


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