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Adidas Unveils Gorgeous Mexican National Team Kits and The FOMO is Real

Adidas just dropped the newest Mexican National Team jersey and it's a sight to behold.

Make room in the wardrobe because there’s a new jersey that demands time in your rotation as adidas dropped fire on Monday morning with the brand new Mexican National Team kit.

The Rosa Mexicano jersey is the same that was leaked some time ago, which means many of you have been craving it for almost a year now.


Apparel is available to order through the adidas Mexico site. Per adidas, the design “is inspired by the textile art that identifies us as a nation around the world in art and fashion.”

Let’s be real. The visibility of the jerseys is going to rely heavily on the most ardent football supporters in the world.

To get a sense of how these kits are being received, we asked several members of the famed Pancho Villa’s Army their initial thoughts on the hot pink swag of the new kits.

“I love the new purple Mexican Kit,” PVA Los Angeles’ Ivan Toribio said. It’s a different design and color that I can wear with some same color kicks.”

Hailing from the Fresno batallon, Lalo Iniguez thinks a little change is a breath of fresh air, sartorially speaking.

“I think it’s a good design. I like the mixture of colors and it’s something new from what we are used to seeing. I know it's not the typical Mexican colors but change is always good.”

East coast soccer aficionado Gaby Stevenson echoes that thought. Adidas steps triumphantly in the right direction in this regard.

“I always think it is good for teams to add different and new jerseys and appreciate the playfulness of the colors and the boldness of the design,” Stevenson, who is a part of PVA Boston, said.

Kansas City’s Jaime Diaz gives major dap for the jersey. “I love the new kit,” Diaz said. “It’s so unique and diverse to the fan base!

“Being that this isn’t a World Cup year I love the idea to have a black/pink jersey. Regardless, the design and the color strike of the pink really brings out a sense of style for those who like El Tri jerseys but don’t want to wear a green one.”

Jersey Crest

It’s also impossible to separate anything El Tri from the deep roots this team has to a community of sports fans who consider their fellow supporters more like family.

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“Many times I have been asked, why cheer for Mexico and USA if I was born in Los Angeles,” Toribio explained.
“My response has been to them, that I am appreciative and thankful for what this country has given to me. From work, education and various other opportunities, but I will never forget where my parents came from and the culture in regards to Mexico. Futbol, La Selección Mexican is part of our Mexican culture and it’s a manner we can express our fun side of Mexico’s most popular sport.”

Adidas’ new release is another example of highlighting unity with a beautifully boisterous splash of style.

According to its website, “Wearing the Mexican pink color represents the cultural richness of our country and the joy of our people; same that is reflected in characteristic elements of our traditions and celebrations. This jersey is a symbol of union through which we are always united to support our team.”

Cultural richness is paramount to a fan base eager to enter stadiums, cheer on their side, and don some of the best-looking kits in the world.