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ÑFL Pañders With Latiñ Flavor

Happy Hispanic Heritage month, I think.

Hispanic Heritage Month has officially started.

"National Hispanic Heritage Month is annually celebrated from September 15 to October 15 in the United States for recognizing the contributions and influence of Hispanic Americans to the history, culture, and achievements for the United States."

Much like Black history month, Pride month, and others, there is always a fine line that large companies straddle between honoring and pandering. Sometimes it is a little bit of both, and as long as it is done with a legitimate honoring of the group, the fact that it is done for sales is just a part of the cringe that we go along with. We're dangerously close to a philosophical debate about whether anything good is done with truly good intentions, so let us focus.

The NFL made its Hispanic Heritage Month statement with a unique choice.

"Por La Cultura. The league is proud to celebrate Latino Heritage Month by highlighting NFL players, coaches, and staff while partnering with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement. We look forward to continuing collaborations with Latino creators, artist, and writers. We are here to amplify the voices of the Latino Community and off the football field. "

The statement is nice and the graphics are well done. The only curious part of the whole thing is the drawn-on tilde. It instantly reminded me of one thing and I was not the only one. Enter, Ryan Howard from "The Office."

Sometimes life imitates art just a little too hard. I could not help but laugh.

The Next Month

If you are offended by this, think it's purely funny with no harm, or even if you love it and think it's a terrific foot forward—it's a valid opinion. Companies and organizations are going to put out statements or themes over the next month for Hispanic/Latine/Latinx heritage month and it's just part of the machine.

I am going to enjoy it as much as I can. If I can poke fun at some of these attempts, that is going to happen, too. Eñjoy!